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Let us know what you think of the sessions, what you particularly enjoy and what you would like to see more of. See the bottom of the page for previous comments.


 Your Feedback

  • Only been a couple of times but love it! Would be better if it wasn't quite so busy-maybe two groups, possibly age dependant, one after another if you have the time? (Rebecca)
  • Fantastic group. Prefer more of weekend specials. (Maha)
  • Lovely but too busy. Two sessions with half the people in each would be much better.
  • Brilliant. Love the relaxed atmosphere for the kids
  • I like the format of the group. More on a Saturday please
  •  Fab! More Specials at the weekend! (Caroline, Paul and Luke)
  • Love the group, it's great but think you would really benefit from a microphone!
  • More of the same please!
  • Brilliant! Love the live music mezmeriship for the little ones!
  • We love the group! Riley's dance moves have come along very nicely since attending. He is a right little groover! He loves to dance as well as trying to get in the kitchen early to steal the biscuits! Well done ladies! (Charlette and Riley)

  • More Saturday Specials Please!
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll is a breath of fresh air. Fantastic music and lots of freedom (for the adults as well as the children!). It's nice to hear real instruments and have a bit of gusto in a baby singing group! The weekend 'Specials' are particularly fab! Thanks gals - and keep it up! (Rachel B.)
  • Wow - I can't believe it's a year already - Happy Birthday Shake, Rattle & Roll! Kids favourite songs: Down in the Jungle and anything with the parachute. My favourite songs: Swing Low/When The Saints combo and that amazing African one where we all sang different parts. Thank you all so much! (Clare)
  • I really look forward to Shake, Rattle and Roll on a Friday morning. It's a great chance for socialising and tea drinking as well as singing. I love the way that the adults are challenged and I never get bored of the same old songs as there is always a great variety; including some international ones! There are moments when I feel like we are a proper choir. My daughter, Sophia, absolutely loves it and having real instruments makes a huge difference to her appreciation of the music. Keep up the good work ladies! (Rach. x)

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