Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for attending a session

Updated March 2021 to reflect COVID guidelines

Numbers: There is a maximum number of 15 adults for the session and an overall maximum number of adults and children (including babies) of 40.

Booking: The session is for prepaid bookings only and we will not be able to offer any refund if you cannot attend the session. In order to be sure the sessions can go ahead we ask that you book and secure your place by 9am on the Monday before the Friday (i.e. 4 days before). If we do not have enough bookings by this date we may have to cancel the session. In this instance any bookings made will be refunded. 

Test and trace: We will take a register of attendees. All attendees will need to scan in the official NHS QR code in the William Collyn Centre. If they are unable to do this we will record their name & phone number. 

Singing: Following the latest guidance we are now allowed to sing following the recommended social distancing and taking other necessary precautions. These include, social distancing of 2m, a well ventilated room and we will be using a microphone to reduce the amount of projection needed. If the recommendation changes to advise against singing, we will let you know and adapt the session accordingly.

Ventilation: Windows will be open in the hall to allow for some ventilation. Please dress accordingly!

Cleaning between classes: We will thoroughly clean all mats and equipment used, before and after the session.

You must follow the following COVID related guidelines when attending one of our in-person sessions.

Please do not attend the session if you are unwell or if you or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 or has any any Covid related symptoms and are awaiting a test.

Social distancing for adults: We expect adults to maintain the recommended amount of social distancing. Individual mats will be placed around the hall at a distance of 2m. Please go to the next available mat furthest from the door when you enter and please stay on your mat with your child/children for the duration of the session. Please bring the minimum of belongings with you and keep all your belongings with you throughout the session

Social distancing for children: Please encourage your child to stay on your mat with you. We understand that this may be hard for toddlers but this is the ideal. For adults who may feel uncomfortable about toddlers or crawlers coming close to them or their own child  we suggest in the kindest possible way that you might be more comfortable sticking with zoom classes for now.

Masks: Please wear a mask when you arrive and when you are moving around the building. You can choose to keep your mask on for the session or you can take it off once on your mat. 

Hand hygiene: At the entrance to the hall there will be hand sanitiser. Please maintain good hand hygiene and remember and follow the advice of Catch it, Bin it, Kill it. Please bring tissues and dispose of them appropriately. 

Toilets: You can use the toilets in the hall following the social distancing rules

Nappies: Must be changed in the toilet and not in the hall 

Refreshments: Sadly, we will not be offering any drinks or refreshments for now, and we ask families to leave the hall if their child needs a snack during the session. There is a strict ‘no food’ rule in place but breast or bottle feeding is allowed!

Socialising: Please avoid any socialising between you and other families in the hall. We appreciate that this may be hard if you haven't seen friends for a while but this is an absolutely necessary requirement

Bringing things from home: Please do not bring anything from home to use in the session. We will provide any equipment needed and this will be cleaned thoroughly before and after the session.  

Cleaning between classes: Please leave the hall promptly at the end of the session to allow us time to do this. 

Ventilation: Windows will be open in the hall to allow for some ventilation. Please dress accordingly!

Arriving and leaving: Please follow the signage in the hall for arriving, leaving and using the toilets. Please arrive promptly for the session (not too early) and also leave promptly at the end. You will need to register at our sign in desk.

Test and trace: We will need to take your details for the test and trace form according to government guidelines. 

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