"We love having a good old sing and dance, it's fantastic to hear Beth's squeals of delight and watch her enjoying the music. I always come away feeling that those 45 minutes have been truly great for my soul and hers!" 

"Shake, Rattle and Roll: it's weekly music therapy for us all!" Rosie, Hugo (3) and Cosima (1) 

"How wonderful for children and adults alike to experience a live band." Sue (61) Wilf (4) Theo (1)

"Amazing! a room full of toddlers with shakers and they manage to make it sound good! We love Shake, Rattle and Roll!" Alex and Torrin (2)

"We have made some good friends in these years at SRR. I would highly recommend it for music and dance lovers to come along and join in the festivities."

"Lovely happy place for 2 lively little monkeys"  

"As two music graduates, we always wanted to find a high quality music group for children to take our daughter to and this is it! The music is fantastic, excellent performances of classics and new songs too. A number of different instruments for children to hear live - high quality live music is so important. The sessions are really interactive and lots of fun, we couldn’t recommend SRR highly enough!" Chris Parsons, Artistic director of Ely Arts Festival.

"Shake, Rattle and Roll is the highlight of my week. It's a place, where I can meet new people and make friendships. It is such a treat to have live instruments. There is something for the parents and children alike - the music selection is absolute feel-good.  My son sings their songs all week!"

"All 3 of my children have loved the diversity and uniqueness Shake, Rattle and Roll's live music - as do I!  I'm sure watching the talented musicians was the inspiration for my eldest daughter to start playing the "violin" with a toy broom and cricket bat!  (She's now 7 and plays the real violin!)  

"The chance for Mum, Dad and children to dance together to great tunes and no obligation to pay when you can't come along. Beats a dance class any day!" Rachel and Rosa (3)

"The best place to boogie for me and Samarth together"

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