Our New CD "Favourites", and accompanying songbook is now available to buy! 

CD: Mixing styles from traditional tunes and nursery rhymes to rock and roll vs salsa mash-ups,  (with some international flavours and eastern promise thrown in there too), "Favourites" has music for soothing your baby, for tickling and giggling or for jumping and dancing! It introduces children to a multitude of musical instruments and genres and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Of course, all the music has been tried, tested and enjoyed by families at our weekly music group.

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SONGBOOK AND CD: our new CD with accompanying fully illustrated, glossy Songbook. It has all the scores, chords and lyrics from the CD and is beautifully illustrated with engaging images inspired by the music so makes a great present. Great for children to follow while singing in the car and perfect for family singalongs at home!

Don't forget to select P&P below if you are not collecting in person.

Shake, Rattle and Roll "Favourites"CD

£ 8.00 


Postage and Packaging

£ 2.00 

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Shake, Rattle and Roll "Favourites" CD and Songbook

£ 15.00 


Postage and Packaging

£ 3.00 

This option covers postage withi the UK. Please get in touch for delivery ourside the UK.


DOWNLOAD CD 1 and 2 ON iTunes HERE!

See below to hear extracts

 Several people asked us if we would make a CD so that they can sing along with their child at home or in the car, so here it is! We hope that we've captured some of the atmosphere of the group, so get those feet tapping and hands clapping ....let’s shake, rattle and roll!

We recorded this CD ourselves at Horningsea Village Hall with additional sessions at our houses. We all have 1 or 2 children (and a bump) under 3, who were sometimes present or being looked after just out of earshot. It was quite a juggling act to get us all together and to arrange childcare when needed and we would all like to say a huge thank you to our friends and family who looked after our children so that we could record.

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